ThinkSafe Training

The ParkOps ThinkSafe Program

This program is designed to create constant awareness and foster a proactive mentality that continuously identifies and mitigates risk.

All ParkOps locations actively participate in the program.

The ThinkSafe program is an organization-wide effort to reduce company exposure to all forms of risk or loss encountered in the management of parking operations. Our efforts will focus on adequately preparing all team members to understand, identify, anticipate, and proactively avoid any costly mistakes.

Our program is designed to emphasize core behavior, the required levels of responsibility, and the degree of professionalism that must be exhibited in our day to day operations. ParkOps recognizes that our every effort to develop a safety conscious workforce will prove to be invaluable as we grow.


Our hiring process is always the first quality control mechanism. We spend the extra effort to thoroughly screen our employees before even thinking about hiring them. Going beyond standard background checks, we have strict motor vehicle record requirements that every employee must satisfy before being considered for employment in any capacity.

The ParkOps ThinkSafe Program is integrated into our business at every level. Safety content is delivered during our prospective employee screening process, re-emphasized during new hire orientation and subsequent on-the-job training, and most importantly adherence to these policies is monitored closely by our daily operating procedures.

We use teamwork to avoid costly damage claims. Team members are aware of each other and guests on the lot. We keep our space clean and organized and conduct safety walks with each other in order to keep our space safe. All cars are parked in safe spaces, with the doors locked. Keys are kept in a locked and monitored key box, and are attached to carabiners. No keys are allowed inside the pockets of ParkOps employees.

We believe that by constantly exposing our employees to safety content, ParkOps will save our guests, clients, and organization a lot of money.


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What our clients say

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you and your team have created a WOW with Eddie Merlots, myself and our guests! Your team has met our level of expectation and does so on a daily basis. They prove to us that we have made a great decision in our choosing ParkOps to represent us at our front door! Keep up the great work! 

Vittorio Borgia
General Manager, Eddie Merlots


The event was great. The parking could have been a challenge but your guys were up for it and made it a great success. Plus they were professional and quick. Your company is totally my go-to from now on!

Sara Martin-Fuller
Development Manager, LifeCare Alliance


I have been nothing but impressed with your valet company since the day you started here. The level of professionalism, genuine sense of hospitality and outgoing friendliness that your gentlemen possess is second to none. We couldn't be happier with our decision to hire your company.

Director of Operations, 3rd & Hollywood


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